Inaugural Post ; ‘A Place Among Pebbles’ CDr + zine on Perpetual Abjection [PA005]

… what better way to begin posting to my new website than with an announcement as enthusing as this. I was invited by labelhead (and amazing HNW artist in his own right – responsible for Unsignified Death and arboreal as well as being half of Chamber of Tapeworms) Polwach Beokhaimook to contribute a HNW release to Perpetual Abjection. A stunning little ‘microlabel’ – based in Bangkok, Thailand, founded in May 2017 and focusing strictly on limited-run HNW with elaborate and always beautiful handmade packaging. When I was invited to participate I lept at the chance and I was finally able to flesh out a desire to pair up a noise release with that of a zine – something I’d been contemplating for a while now.

[taken from my FB;]

There are not enough THANKS in my inventory for Polwach – just look at how beautiful the packaging, printing, painting & presentation is for this release! I am truly in awe. Of course, this is to be expected when you take a glance at the labels existing catalogue. I’m so happy to be able to be a part of that and I really cannot wait to see what further strengths the label moves towards in the coming year.

This album is the first in a [hopefully long] line I’m going to be making that tries to tie in several media – especially DIY zine publications and physical [/found] objects – to serve one cohesive purpose.

[taken from the label;]

Spray and acrylic painted jewel case. Acrylic painted CDr. Comes with crushed potpourri, 10-page home-printed book written by the artist, semi-transparent sheet, and insert. Limited hand-numbered to 20 copies.

Purchase this through…/a-place-among-peb…

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