I began making noise as A Raja’s Mesh Men in 2013 and continued up until late 2016, most releases under this name can be found here.

I had my live debut performing under this alias at Georges House Gallery (Strange Cargo), Folkestone, on 18th December 2014 for the first show put on by the Vanity Pill tape label, alongside Cropsey, Ego Death and Alocasia Garden.

I later performed under this alias supporting touring artists Lorenzo Abattoir and Clive Henry on one occasion and Cremation Lily, Wet Nurse. and Cementimental on another. These were both part of a monthly series of live events that I held at Ryan’s Bar (Stoke Newington) called The People’s Noise – which ran from February to August 2015 – many of which were recorded to video by the amazing Elyssa Iona and now hosted on my Youtube channel.

More recently, I have begun making noise under my own name, and under the alias Shearman – which can all be found here. During the COVID-19 pandemic I have been streaming to Twitch, at the following address.

HNW aliases:
Kamex (2015 – present)
Woundwort (2016 – present)
Gumble (one-off alias – June, 2015)
Lucanidae (2016 – present)
Slowstepper (2019 – present)
A Sea of Blood Red Leeches (2020 – present)
Roadside Dead (2015 – present)
Urban Rat Faced Killer (2016 – present)

HNW collaborations:
Sleeping Mesh Men In The Raja’s Lake (with Asleep in the Lake)
Moomin (with DSWACV)
Two Small Fragments Of Glass (with Sophie Bay Threedouble)
v҉ ҉o҉ ҉y҉ ҉e҉ ҉u҉ ҉r + Crystalline Complex (ᴶ ᴾ ˢ ᴷ) (with Paul K)
Water Bear (with Clive Henry)
Architectonicum (with Clive Henry, Nemanja Nikolic & Jan Warnke)
Explorations in Static Minimalism Volume 3 (with Yume Hayashi)

SSN Technologies (2016 – Present)
░░ HNW ░░ (2014 – Present)
Terrarium (2019 – Present)
The Imaginary Archive  (2014 – 2016)
Small Worm (2020 – Present)

Physical label:
This Is A Noise Label (defunct)
Small Worm (active)

I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of my existing physical releases, which can be found here.