misc logo work

Since creating Small Worm and developing that specific visual aesthetic, which utilises stark black and white high contrast designs, I’ve begun doing a bit of work on logos. I am heavily inspired by gorenoise, goregrind, death metal, black metal, etc. when it comes to logos – the more intricate and indecipherable the better, in my own opinion – but I have tried to keep things versatile as I pursue this as well. Some of the following logos were for friends’ bands or projects, unprompted, unasked and unpaid, I thought I’d shoot them a few free possibilities just to see if they liked it enough to use it – and some of the logos I created for myself to use for my own projects.

I am open to being commissioned to create a logo for your project – generally speaking, if I like your project a lot, I will be up for giving you a single draft of a logo gratis – but if you would like several drafts of different logos to choose from I would appreciate a bit of payment for my time and energy (but I am very cheap). Most of what you see here has just been photographed and edited – but if need be I can gain access to high dpi scanning for more to work with when it comes to editing the raw image file.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated with new galleries of other logos soon!