image galleries

Small Worm
All artwork used for the Small Worm platform has been made by myself or my younger brother Harry – mostly hand drawn and then digitally edited – more recently some digital collage process has been taking place for some of them as well. The focus for Small Worm’s visual aesthetic is on minimalism as an embodiment of ‘small’, the name ‘small worm’ evokes not just smallness in size but a small life, a small living creature – the artwork is meant to reflect this evocation. As for the sounds on the platform, it has been broadly experimental, with a particular interest for textural studies, static minimalism and ‘rummaging’ – the platform began almost entirely curated, but has since accepted a few unsolicited submissions.

Misc Logo Work
I have been dabbling in graffiti handstyles since I was a pre-teen – and text as art and calligraphy have always been massive influences on my own artistic process. After founding Small Worm I began to experiment with presenting logos in a similar way to the illustrations I use for that platform. This gallery is still a work in progress at the moment.