When Wall It End? International Online HNW Festival

As I did the last time I made a few-days-late monthly post, I neglected to mention another thing I’ve been involved with (something organised in September but happening soon/now) – and once again it’s a thing that deserves its own post anyway. Trench Art Noise have put together a programme of international wallers to take part in a virtual, live-streamed HNW festival – and I will be streaming a two hour HNW performance to my Twitch channel on Sunday 4th October (tomorrow) from 18:00 to 20:00 (BST) as part of it.

I’m posting about it incredibly last minute as it’s actually officially just begun and is currently streaming – Wormb (ignore the late time on the flyer, as it’s old) is on now here. As you will see from the flyer, it runs on until Tuesday 6th.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the streaming saddle as I have left my noise~streaming on an indefinite hiatus for a while now. Below is the flyer for the event with all of the times and various self-run platforms where you can find the performances. I’m hoping to catch as many sets as I can, I’m currently watching the Wormb and it’s great.

*my Twitch URL has since changed from the one listed above to /shearmann

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