September has been a weird old month. I have mainly been focusing on slow-burners that are works in progress so there’s not much to write home about. A lot of encouraging progress has been made with the inaugural tape batch for Small Worm – although I had anticipated being ready with it for release by the end of September, due to some delays it’s looking like it’ll be sometime this month – hopefully not too long into it.

I can make a brief announcement about the upcoming titles –
SWP02 – A Ghost’s Ghost / The David Scott Cadieux Center for Field and Room Recording – Trace Memories & Sympathetic Magic c55
SWP03 – Gaseous Acolyte / a body without organs / Vomir / Sean & Richard Ramirez Matsuz (project TBA) 4-way split 2xcs c20/c30
SWP04 – Little Fictions – Territory of Light c30
SWP05 – Ancient Weakling – Soft Heart, Softer Limbs c20

I would say I’m a little over three quarters of the way through production at this point so pending any possible further delays, I will have the batch out some time in October. I am very excited about this!

I also wrapped up a “remix” compilation for the platform featuring a number of familiar faces and welcomed the legendary DronVerm Milbemax to the worm-fold. The artwork for both is shown below.

In the last weeks of September I also had an interview with Musique Machine‘s Roger Batty – it’s pretty lengthy and mostly focuses on my inception into the world of HNW – it’s finished and available to read on the site’s Patreon now and will be publishing on the site in two weeks time.

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