My name is James Shearman and I was born on James Lane (Whipps Cross Hospital) in Leytonstone, London (UK) in June of 1994. I remain based in Leytonstone.

I have been making music, noise, field recording, sound art and performance/live art under my own name since 2014. I have been creating illustrations since I was a child and have branched into, at various times, digital and manual collage, poetry and creative prose, acrylic, oil and water colour painting, film and foley recording, etching, printing, zine-making, graffiti and handpoke tattooing.

I am currently at a stage where I am eager to offer free tattoos to those willing to help me get the practise in (from specific simple flash designs I have available as I work myself up to more detailed designs).

I started this site in 2019 intending to use it to catalogue directories of my work (both sound and visual) and talk about my process in blog posts – from the beginning of 2021 through the next two years I had rescinded the blog aspect while my schedule was hectic but in 2023 I have brought this back and am trying to bulk out and complete the various catalogues, anthologies and galleries that are hosted here.

In 2023 I have also begun doing live shows again (having organised and promoted live shows somewhat regularly from around 2012 to 2016, with one or two in 2017-2018 before a four year hiatus) – following the resounding success of a London date for a brief UK tour of the Canadian metal noise veteran Knurl. This new year of shows marks a new leaf of sorts – with the new EARWORM alias forming an umbrella for the shows and adjacent media – you can find advance tickets for the current programme at the bigcartel.

I am very open to collaborating with fellow artists on all types of artistic projects – if you have looked into any of my work and you think I would be a good fit for your project do get in touch.

For all enquiries please email me at

Alternatively if you have a preferred social media platform you’d like to reach me on, you can check this carrd for my presence.

Photograph by Émilie Newman.